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About stout built


In 2010 Stout Built Opened its doors with focus on the highest quality. Our trellis design is widely used across the world and has become a standard for most of The competition.  We are constantly designing new parts to ensure we offer the customer the latest in trellis design. 

Our products are made of only quality materials and is pre-tested to ensure the customer receives the strongest product in the market.

Our installation equipment is redesigned to operate as efficiently as possible, saving you the customer more on the bottom line.

Devin Stout started in the industry over twenty years ago.  Brought into the industry for his background in design and eventually went into sales, but always had the passion for new design.  In 2001 Devin started his first trellis company.  In 2003 Devin planted his first table grape vineyard, growing Autumn Royals. Then, In 2010 Stout Built was born.

Lupe Mendoza, Field Supervisor, has been working with Devin for most of Devin's career.  He is well versed in every aspect of installation.  He is very motivated and does what it takes to get the job done.